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The Mediator i-50 is a remote management and monitoring device. It improves network operations by providing visibility and control of elements that affect the performance and reliability of networks and infrastructure. The Mediator i-50 can monitor such things as changes in temperature, changes in humidity, water levels and air-conditioning functionality.

This often enables resolution of problems before they arise, ensuring continuity of service, user and customer satisfaction and cost savings.

The Mediator i-50 is designed to monitor and manage critical applications that would benefit from remote or centralised management and control, whether for one or many sites. The Mediator range of products also includes the Mediator i-300 and Mediator i-400 which suit larger or more complex systems.

Typical Applications

Remote monitoring and management of geographically disparate locations such as data/communication rooms, centres for mining sites, communication towers, branch offices/locations, schools, retail operations, hospitals, transport depots, including activities such as:

  • Resetting locked up devices
  • Monitoring presence of volts and amps to racks.
  • Temperature (included), water, smoke;
  • Door lock activator - control room or rack access.
  • The Mediator i-50 provides a low cost solution to improve availability, network performance, reduce support costs and improve productivity.
  • Awareness of events enables selection of appropriate site support if required.
  • Remote management of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).
  • Monitoring infrastructure service availability and response times as part of managing Service Level Agreements.
  • Control access to secure areas and/or Intrusion Detection.

Add On Devices

The Mediator i-50 in conjunction with controllers/sensors with appropriate digital connectors can manage a wide range of devices.

  • Power cycling of remotely located units such as routers, switches and servers.
  • Server/PC reset control - reset locked up devices remotely.
  • Power monitors - monitor power volts and amps to racks, etc.
  • Sensors to monitor . Temperature, Humidity, water, smoke, door, etc.
  • Door lock activator - remotely control room or rack access


Security for the Mediator i-50 via the Web is provided by a two level password security access system. The first allows user access for monitoring of connected devices. The second is an administration level which allows the user to configure the Mediator i-50 and control digital outputs. Security measures also apply for dial-in.


Digital Inputs
Digital Outputs
Analogue Inputs
Serial Ports
Programming Port
Ethernet Port
56k Modem (optional)
Size (H x W x D) mm
40 x 225 x 165
Power Requirements
w Max 24v DC
Temp Sensor
-5 to 55 degrees C
1 x 240v @ 10A
Door Sensor
Magnetic Reed

The Mediator i-50 is supported by Windows NT and UNIX SNMP Platforms including; CA Unicenter TNG, Solstice SunNet Manager, HP Open View, Aprism Spectrum and IBM Tivoli TME 10.

Features & Benefits

  • Remote control of connected devices.
  • Initiates graceful shutdown of servers or PCs.
  • Notifies users in response to events that effect network performance or may cause damage to critical equipment.
  • Extends the reach of an Enterprise Management System (EMS) to manage all infrastructure elements, not previously accessible to your EMS.
  • Temperature sensor - Hi Lo thresholds can be set to pre-warn of changes which can affect equipment and network performance
  • Inclusion of a PCU (Power Control Unit) enables power to be cycled on connected devices
  • Inclusion of a door sensor enabling the monitoring of access to a room or cabinet.
  • Ethernet and optional dial-up modem (PSTN) interface provides reliable connection to the IP network for local and remote out-of-band-management access.
  • Event notification may be delivered using SNMP or e-mail. E-mail can be used to initiate paging and SMS notification via your provider.
  • Built-in web server provides web browser access allowing configuration, monitoring and control of the Mediator i-50 and connected devices.
  • Telnet access provides an alternative means of configuring, monitoring and control.
  • The Mediator i-50 Management Information Base (MIB) is flexible enough to allow the integration of any device which has the capability to interface to the Inputs and Outputs of the Mediator i-50.

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