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Enigma UPS is the most advanced redundant power protection solution.

Enigma UPS is a scalable single phase and three-phase with double-conversion uninterruptible power supply which is specially designed to meet the demands of corporation. It can be configured to parallel redundancy which provides the maximum reliability and delivers power output per modules from 4KVA to 24KVA. For a unique parallel capacity system, adding an extra UPS modules upgraded the load capacity for longer fun-times or to add N+X parallel redundancy as well.

A configuration includes LCD display module, optional battery charger module, with up to six UPS power modules that each module is operating independently. If any one UPS power module fails, the load is instantaneously redistributed among the remaining UPS power modules, and the defective UPS power module is automatically taken off-line from the system. It also provides easy setup and optional external battery bank to upgrade battery runtime. That gives our customers increased flexibility and reliability to maximum the power, and it is very cost-effective to upgrade the system without large investment. In the market, the other parallel solutions now cost a fortune.


4-24 KVA
Single Phase
Loaded > 70%: (160 ~ 300) Vac
70% = loaded > 50%: (140 ~ 300) Vac
Loaded = 50%: (118 ~ 300) Vac
Three Phase
Loaded > 70%: (277 ~ 520) Vac
70% = loaded > 50%: (242 ~ 520) Vac
Loaded = 50%: (204 ~ 520) Vac
Input Frequency
50/60 (1±8%) Hz
Power Factor
Single Phase
(80-264) Vac
Three Phase
(140-457) Vac
100/220(1±2%) Vac
Power Factor
Output Frequency
50/60 (1±8%) Hz
50/60 (1±0.5%) Hz (Battery module)
Overload Capacity
110-130% after 30 second transfer to bypass
>130%. After 2 seconds transfer to bypass.
Module Capacity /each
Output Capacity
4 KVA × number of module
External Battery
120 Vdc (10 battery per pack)
Connect to Generator
RS232, RS485, Intelligent Slot
Module Weight
Chassis Weight
Chassis & Down-voltage ISO Transformer(option)
Module Dimensions
405mm × 530mm × 87mm
Chassis Dimensions
442mm × 700mm × 965mm
Chassis & Down-voltage ISO Transformer Dimensions
442mm × 700mm × 1265mm

Features & Benefits

  • Modules are available 4KVA, 8KVA, 12KVA, 16KVA, 20KVA, 24KVA
  • N + X parallel redundancy is achieved by adding extra control, power and battery modules
  • Digital Signal Processor & Pure Sine wave output design with multiple communication ports increasing the flexibility, functionality and reliability
  • With scalable on-line three phase or single phase input and Single phase output
  • Modular design with hot swappable modules & 19" rack mount design
  • LCD Display Design
  • Compact & Light Weight with Screwless Design
  • Additional External Battery Pack
Standard Online UPS
UPS Fails
Standard online UPS is unable to work. And the users must bring the defective system to service centre.
If one UPS power module goes offline for any reason, there are other power modules to assume the load. The UPS power modules can be hot-swapped out without interrupting the supply of the load.
Load Capacity
The users must buy a new Online UPS again.
Enigma provides the capacity expansion which is capable to parallel a number of UPS modules for upgrading higher VA ratings.
Battery Banks
The users must purchase an additional battery bank from original manufacturer because of an exclusive battery design.
The users can buy a standard additional battery bank in the market which is without spending too much money.

Modules are Available 4KVA, 8KVA, 12KVA, 16KVA, 20KVA, 24KVA

By utilising Enigma UPS, it uses an advanced UPS technology with high operating efficiency to provide maximum power outputs per module from 4KVA to 24KVA. And a configuration can also be supported up to six UPS power modules which are delivering higher levels of reliability. The Enigma absolutely prevents power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variations, switching transients and harmonic distortion.

N + X Parallel Redundancy is Achieved by Adding Up Extra UPS power Modules

Parallel redundancy feature among UPS has been used as a way of delivering higher levels of reliability and load sharing. If one UPS power module goes offline for any reason, there are other power modules to assume the load. The UPS power modules can be hot-swapped out without interrupting the supply of the load. On the other hand, in the parallel capacity systems additional modules can be added to increase overall system capacity and added an unlimited battery packs allowing a seamless growth path as needs change. This approach is cost-effective and essential for mission critical applications, or in demanding environment.

N + X Redundancy Capacity

With Scaleable On-Line Single Phase or Three Phase Input and Single Phase Output

Enigma offers single or three phase input and single phase output which is able to automatically self-recognise either single or three phase input. In case of S or T is failure, it will be transferred to battery mode. But T or S has to be removed and only kept R phase working, it will be then back to line mode again.

LCD Display Design

The Enigma LCD display provides user-friendly menu control and delivers messages to the ability to manage, configure, control and diagnose the UPS directly. And it connects with LCD modules for monitoring various UPS parameters such as input and output voltages, current frequency, power factor, and phase form. This LCD module is suitable for any make of online UPS systems.

Digital Signal Processor & Pure Sinewave Output Design with Multiple Communication Ports Increasing the Flexibility, Functionality & Reliability

The Enigma is a true double conversion and pure signwave output online design, it features the highest efficiency up to 89% for 4KVA to 24KVA range. On line double conversion with DSP digital control gives redundant operation and the highest possible operating reliability for the most mission-critical applications. Dual monitoring interfaces are capable of using both RS-232 and RS-485/intelligent slot, and the intelligent slot can be plugged into AS400 or SNMP card, increasing the system monitoring detective abilities with free software downloads - WinPower. And Enigma supports the Environment Monitoring Card which works with AS400 or SNMP card. This card can provide environmental information such as humidity and temperature.

Modular Design with Hot Swappable Modules & 19" Rack Mount Design

Modular design for 6 modules redundancy is a key of flexibility and an ideal way to provide the highest quality online power protection for the mission critical installations form 4KVA to 24KVA. The modules can be hot-swapped and enabled true continuity of power to the load without any interruption of service. It also designs for 19" rack mount.

Additional External Battery Pack

The Enigma is designed for robust operation including the ability to add unlimited extended battery packs for multiple-hour backup times. This system assures high quality power supply for computer loads and optimised battery life as well as compatibility with engine generators for even longer backed up requirements.

Compact & Light Weight with Screwless Design

A front panel and back panel for Enigma provide a clean design without any screw, space saving and light weight design for the working environment.

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